Eco printing or Botanical printing

Direct printing of botanical elements has become one of the most popular artworks in the world among textile artists. The basic process uses leaves to imprint on cloth using three components – Pressure, moisture and heat.

Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes, colour, and marks on fabric.  The plant material is arranged and bundled inside of the cloth, then steamed or boiled to release the dye found naturally inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used.  These contact prints are referred to as “eco-prints.” 

The local fauna and flora, go into the making of this eco print on a kanjivaram sari. Look at the various shades of castor leaves!

Each creation via an eco-print is unique and one-of-a-kind. The colour palette of each and every season changes, and so if you like a particular palette, that color combination might be available again in the next season only!

The artist has used hibiscus flowers and teak leaves in this beautiful kanjivaram silk saree!

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