Temple textiles at Chindradripet

The art of textiles designs flourished only because of royals and temples.There is a whole lot of oral heritage lying undocumented in the making of these sacred textiles!

Have you heard about Muthangi, Vairamudi, Pandian Kondai?


Iyaa mudali street specializes not just in the umbrellas but all the items required for temple festivals – right from the lord’s special ensemble like a “Muthangi” (a pearl coat), special crown or headgear called as “Muthu kondai”, “Pandian Kondai”,  which is entirely hand-stiched with pearls. The entire pearl work is done on a base of velvet. Based on the order and value spent by donors, they use real or cultured pearls.

This is the special “vairamudi” or the diamond headgear which is done only for Lord Rama.



Pandian Kondai is another type of “alangaram” of the headgear where the crown is adorned with a circular cap.


This is the “Kabai” – which is a frontal adornment piece of a jewllery for the deity. The entire velvet is designed with ornamentation resembling various jewellery.


The artisans make special temple cloths, and “thombais” the cloth used for temple cars. The sheer size and the handwork required for making different sizes and kinds is mind boggling.

These are the canopies referred to as “Asman giri” (under the sky) – under which utsava murthy deity idols are usually  placed.


The hand made fans used for the final upachara, made and embellished, in a velvet base.




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